_more [it goes very fast =!]

+ more…


@actar_publishers [meeting in Barcelona March 9th 1:00pm


@magastineau + Roberto de Leon lecture after lecture at BSU CAP College of Architecture and Planning February 2020




fullsizeoutput_81daOOPS !! ALL SOUTH AMERICAS



  • #feedback 

  • [via Instagram]




  • _ collective exhibit

  • _ piece displayed: Tribute to Frida Kahlo / needlework + found/surplus materialimage001fullsizeoutput_8400

  • #tribute to #FridaKahlo -from the Brooklyn Museum to Muncie Indiana [and at DOMA on March 27, 2020]

  • fullsizeoutput_840bfullsizeoutput_8410IMG_6695

_Thursday February 13 2020 #RealLoveBaby2 Curated by Lexi Musselman


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